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PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
e1720100511-1Enlightenment DR17 window manager snapshot version.2010-05-13
e_dbus20100511-1Libraries which provide event loop functionality for E17.2010-05-13
ecore20100511-1core event abstraction layer and X abstraction layer2010-05-13
edje20100511-1Multimedia library for use with E17.2010-05-13
eet20100511-1Small archiving library for use with EFL.2010-05-13
efreet20100511-1Enlightenment implementation of several specifications from freedesktop.org2010-05-13
eina20100511-1Data types library2010-05-13
embryo20100511-1Virtual machine and compiler based on Small for use with E17.2010-05-13
evas20100511-1Multi-platform Canvas Library2010-05-13

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