CRUX Packages

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
aircrack-ng1.0-1Aircrack next generation2010-04-06
alsa-lib1.0.22-1ALSA libraries2010-04-06
alsa-utils1.0.22-1ALSA utils2010-04-06
antiword0.37-1Show the text and images of MS Word documents2010-06-30
apr1.4.2-2Apache Portable Runtime library2010-10-25
aspell0.60.6-1GNU aspell is a spell checker designed to replace ispell2010-11-03
atk1.30.0-1A set of interfaces for accessibility2010-11-01
aumix2.9.1-1adjusts audio mixer2010-06-30
blackbox0.70.1-1Fast and small window manager2010-04-06
bridge-utils1.4-1Linux IEEE 802.1d ethernet bridging utilities2010-09-29
cairo1.8.10-1A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices2010-11-01
ck4up1.2-1ck4up - Check for Updates, a utility to monitor web pages for updates2010-09-27
clamav0.95.3-1A GPL virus scanner2010-04-07
conky1.8.0-1Light-weight system monitor2010-04-08
ctorrent3.3.2-1Enhanced CTorrent is a BitTorrent client for unix-like environments2010-04-06
cyrus-sasl2.1.23-2Simple Authentication and Security Layer2010-11-16
dbus1.2.16-2A message bus system2010-04-06
dbus-glib0.80-2D-Bus GLib bindings2010-04-06
dialog1.1-20100119-1A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts2010-09-29
dillo2.2-1A graphical web browser in less than 700KB2010-04-06
dmenu4.0-1dynamic menu, originally designed for dwm2010-05-13
dosfstools3.0.10-1tools for creating and checking DOS filesystems in linux2010-09-29
dovecot2.0.7-1IMAP and POP3 server with ssl/ipv6 support, written with security primarily in mind2010-11-16
elinks0.11.7-1Enhanced version of the links textmode WWW browser with frame/table support2010-09-27
enchant1.4.2-1Generic Spell Checking Library.2010-11-03
esekeyd1.2.6-1Multimedia keyboard driver for linux2010-05-14
ethtool6-1Linux net driver diagnostic and tuning tool2010-04-06
expat2.0.1-2A fast, non-validating, stream-oriented XML parsing library2010-04-06
fakeroot1.14.4-1Run commands in an environment faking root privileges2010-04-06
fbgrab1.0-4framebuffer screenshot program2010-04-06
fbset2.1-1Linux Frame Buffer Device Subsystem2010-04-21
feh1.5-1A fast commandline-driven image viewer for X.2010-05-15
fetchmail6.3.13-1A remote-mail retrieval utility2010-04-06
flac1.2.1-1Free Lossless Audio Codec2010-04-06
fltk22.0-r6970-1Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit2010-04-06
fontconfig2.8.0-1A library for configuring and customizing font access2010-04-06
fox1.6.36-3FOX graphical toolkit.2010-04-06
freetype2.3.12-1A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine2010-04-06
gdb7.2-1The GNU Debugger (GDB)2010-09-23
giblib1.2.4-1Library for doubly linked lists and a wrapper for imlib2.2010-05-15
git1.7.0-1Directory content manager2010-04-06
glib2.24.2-2Low-level data structure handling, portability wrappers, and interfaces for runtime functionality2010-11-01
gnutls2.10.1-1A library that provides a secure layer over a reliable transport layer2010-11-03
gperf3.0.4-1Perfect hash function generator2010-04-06
gpsd2.95-1gpsd is a service daemon that monitors one or more GPSes2010-11-01
gstreamer0.10.30-1Gstreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components.2010-11-03
gtk2.20.1-1A multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces2010-11-01
gtk-chtheme0.3.1-3Theme changer for GTK22010-11-02
gtklepin0.3-1GTK based notebook which has similar functionality to the Psion Revo PDA.2010-11-01
gtmess0.96beta3-2console MSN Messenger.2010-05-26
hal0.5.14-2Hardware Abstraction Layer2010-04-06
hal-info20091130-1Device information for HAL2010-04-06
hicolor-icon-theme0.11-1default fallback used by the icon theme specification2010-04-06
hsetroot1.0.2-1A wallpaper setting utility for X112010-04-06
htop0.8.1-2an interactive process viewer2010-04-06
i2c-tools3.0.2-1I2C Tools for Linux2010-04-06
icu4.4.2-1Widely used set of C/C++ libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support.2010-11-03
idesk0.7.5-1iDesk gives users of minimal wm's icons on their desktop.2010-04-06
iftop0.17-1Real-time bandwidth usage information on a network interface2010-09-29
imlib21.4.2-2A fast image manipulation library2010-04-06
intltool0.40.6-1Internationalization tool collection.2010-04-06
irssi0.8.14-1Terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems2010-04-06
iw0.9.20-1nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices2010-12-20
kismet2010-01-R1-1An 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system2010-09-29
lame3.98.2-1MP3 encoder2010-04-06
leafpad0.8.17-1GTK+ based simple text editor.2010-11-01
libattr2.4.44-1Extented attributes library2010-05-14
libcap2.19-2POSIX.1e capabilities library2010-11-16
libgcrypt1.4.6-1A general purpose cryptographic library based on GnuPG2010-11-03
libgpg-error1.9-2A small library defining error values for GnuPG components2010-11-03
libjpeg6b-1Library of JPEG support functions.2010-04-06
libmatchbox1.9-1the Matchbox Library2010-04-06
libmpeg20.5.1-1MPEG1/MPEG2 decoder (includes libmpeg2)2010-04-06
libnl1.1-1library for applications dealing with netlink sockets2010-09-29
libogg1.1.4-1Ogg bitstream and framing library2010-04-06
libpcap1.0.0-1Packet capture library2010-04-06
libpng1.2.42-1Library of PNG support functions.2010-04-06
libsdl1.2.14-2SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer2010-04-06
libsoup2.30.2-1HTTP library implementation in C.2010-11-03
libtiff3.8.2-2Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File Format) images2010-04-06
libungif4.1.4-1An uncompressed GIF library compatible with giflib2010-04-06
libvorbis1.3.1-1Vorbis codec library2010-09-15
libxml22.7.6-1XML library version 22010-04-06
libxslt1.1.26-1XSL Transformations library2010-04-06
libxvid1.2.2-1An ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec2010-04-06
lsof4.83-1list open files2010-04-06
lua5.1.2-1A programming language designed for extending applications2010-04-06
mcabber0.9.10-1A console Jabber client.2010-04-06
minicom2.4-1A menu driven communications program2010-04-06
mpg1231.10.0-1Commandline MP3 player2010-04-06
mplayerexport-2009-12-26-2Versatile media player and encoder/converter2010-04-06
mrxvt0.5.4-2Multi-tabbed rxvt based terminal2010-04-06
mutt1.5.20-1Text-based email client that sucks less2010-04-06
naim0. console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily CMC client.2010-09-29
nano2.2.5-1GNU pico clone (a tiny text editor)2010-09-29
navit0.1.1-1Navit is a car navigation system with routing engine2010-09-22
neon0.29.4-1Neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library2010-10-28
netcat0.7.1-1Read and write data across network connections2010-09-29
nfs-utils1.2.2-1NFS utilities2010-05-14
nmap5.21-1Utility for network exploration or security auditing2010-09-29
npkg0.5-1Network abstraction layer for pkgutils2010-04-08
ntp4.2.6-1Network Time Protocol software2010-04-06
openbox3.4.11.2-1Fast, lightweight, standards-compliant window manager2010-11-02
openrdate1.2-1Time setting software implementing RFC 868 (inetd time) and RFC 2030 (SNTP/NTP) protocols2010-06-30
p5-sdl1.20.0-1SDL perl extension.2010-04-06
p5-xml-parser2.36-3XML Parser2010-04-06
pango1.24.5-1A library for layout and rendering of text2010-11-01
pekwm0.1.11-1The Pek Window Manager2010-04-06
pekwm-themes1.0.5-1Pekwm themes collection2010-04-06
portdbc1.0-1CRUX's portdb command line client2010-09-23
postfix2.5.10-1Postfix Mail Transport Agent (MTA)2010-11-17
pypanel2.4-1A lightweight panel/taskbar for X112010-04-06
python2.6.4-2Python interpreter, version 2.62010-04-06
python-xlib0.14-1Python interface to xlib.2010-04-06
rdesktop1.6.0-1Open source client for Windows NT Terminal Server2010-04-06
ruby1.9.1-p429-1Ruby interpreter2010-09-24
scons1.2.0-1Software construction tool2010-04-06
screen4.0.3-2A screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation2010-04-06
scrotwm0.9.23-1Minimalistic tiling window manager2010-05-13
sdl_gfx2.0.13-1SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions.2010-04-06
sdl_image1.2.7-1SDL_image is an image file loading library.2010-04-06
sdl_mixer1.2.8-1A sample multi-channel audio mixer library.2010-09-15
sdl_net1.2.7-1A cross-platform networking library for SDL.2010-04-06
sdl_sound1.0.3-1A library for decoding various sound formats.2010-09-15
sdl_ttf2.0.8-1TrueType library for libsdl.2010-04-06
service0.2-1Wrapper for starting/stopping services, with completion2010-04-06
slim1.3.1-3Graphical login utility2010-04-06
smpeg0.4.5-r389-1SMPEG command line MPEG audio/video player2010-05-15
sqlite33.6.23.1-1SQL database engine2010-05-03
stalonetray0.7.6-1stand-alone and KDE system tray (notification area) for X Window System/X112010-04-06
strace4.5.19-1System call tracing utility (like trace, truss, etc)2010-04-06
sylpheed3.0.3-1GTK+ email client and news reader2010-11-02
task1.9.2-1Powerful task manager for the command-line2010-09-30
tcpdump4.0.0-1Network sniffer with command line interface2010-04-06
torsmo0.18-1Tyopoyta ORvelo System MOnitor.2010-04-06
tslib1.0-2Tslib is an abstraction layer for touchscreen panel events2010-04-06
viewimage1.0-1Image viewer which handles all image formats that SDL_image can handle2010-04-06
wavemon0.6.10-1Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices2010-04-06
wbar1.3.3-1quick launch bar2010-04-06
webfs1.21-3A simple HTTP server for static content2010-05-03
wgetpaste2.13-1Pipe commands to paste to a site.2010-04-06
whois5.0.1-1A modern whois client2010-04-06
wmmp30.12-1A dockapp mpg123 frontend2010-04-06
wmpager1.2.1.4-1A dockapp pager2010-04-06
wmpower0.4.3-1Dockapp for linux allowing the user to graphically see (and set) the power management status of his laptop2010-04-06
wmwifi0.6-1A dockapp to monitor wireless signal strength2010-04-06
wpa_supplicant0.6.10-1User space IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant (wireless client)2010-04-06
x11-fonts-dejavu2.30-1A font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts2010-04-06
x11vnc0.9.9-1VNC server for real X displays2010-04-06
xfe1.32.1-2X File Explorer.2010-04-06
xjobs20100915-1Tool to execute jobs in paralell (enhanced xargs)2010-09-23
xkbset0.5-1program to help manage many of the XKB features of X window2010-04-06
xmonobut0.4.1-3application that helps access 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons on touchscreen2010-04-08
xterm255-1The standard termulator.2010-04-06
xvkbd3.1-1Virtual Keyboard for X Window System2010-04-06
youtube2007.10.12-1command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com2010-04-06

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