CRUX Packages

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
acl2.2.51-1Access Control Lists library2011-07-29
attr2.4.46-1Extented attributes library2011-07-29
autoconf2.68-1A package of M4 macros to produce scripts to automatically configure sourcecode2011-07-29
automake1.11.1-1A tool for automatically generating Makefiles2011-07-29
bash4.2.10-1An sh-compatible command language interpreter2011-07-29
bc1.06-3An arbitrary precision calculator language2011-07-29
bindutils9.7.3-1Bind tools2011-07-29
binutils2.20.1-1The GNU Binutils are a collection of binary tools2011-07-29
bison2.4.3-1The GNU Project parser generator2011-07-29
bzip21.0.6-1Very high-quality data compression program2011-07-29
coreutils8.12-1A collection of core GNU utilities2011-07-29
cpio2.11-1A tool to copy files into or out of a cpio or tar archive2011-07-29
curl7.21.6-1A tool for transfering files with URL syntax2011-07-29
db4.8.30-1Berkeley DB2011-07-29
dcron4.5-1Multi-user cron daemon2011-07-29
dhcpcd5.2.12-1An RFC2131-compliant DHCP client daemon2011-07-29
diffutils3.0-1Package with the GNU diff, diff3, sdiff, and cmp utilities2011-07-29
e2fsprogs1.41.14-1Ext2 Filesystem Utilities2011-07-29
ed1.5-1An 8-bit clean, POSIX-compliant line editor2011-07-29
exim4.76-1Mail transfer agent2011-07-29
file5.06-1File type identification utility2011-07-29
filesystem2.7-1Root filesystem package2011-07-29
findutils4.4.2-1Basic directory searching utilities2011-07-29
flex2.5.35-2Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator2011-07-29
gawk3.1.8-1A pattern scanning and processing language2011-07-29
gcc4.5.2-1The GNU Compiler Collection2011-07-29
gdbm1.8.3-3GNU database library for C2011-07-29
gettext0.18.1.1-1The GNU internationalization library2011-07-29
glibc2.12.2-2The C library used in the GNU system2011-07-29
grep2.7-1GNU grep, egrep and fgrep2011-07-29
groff1.21-1The GNU troff text-formatting system2011-07-29
gzip1.4-1GNU compression utility (replacement for compress)2011-07-29
httpup0.4.0k-1One way sync over http2011-07-29
iana-etc2.4-1Services and protocols files for /etc2011-07-29
inetutils1.8-1Inetd daemon, FTP and telnet client2011-07-29
iproute22.6.38-1A collection of utilites for controlling TCP/IP networking and traffic in Linux2011-07-29
iptables1.4.10-1A Linux kernel packet filter control tool2011-07-29
iputilss20101006-1Basic networking applet2011-07-29
kbd1.15.2-1Keytable files and keyboard utilities2011-07-29
less443-1A terminal based program for viewing text files2011-07-29
libarchive2.8.4-2Library to create and read several archive formats2011-07-29
libgmp5.0.1-1Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic2011-07-29
libmpc0.9-1C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers2011-07-29
libmpfr3.0.1-1C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with correct rounding2011-07-29
libpcre8.12-1Perl Compatible Regular Expressions2011-07-29
libtool2.4-1A generic library support script2011-07-29
libusb1.0.8-1Library giving userland programs access to USB devices2011-07-29
m41.4.16-1A standard Unix macro processor with extensions2011-07-29
make3.82-2Controls the generation of executables and other compile-related tasks2011-07-29
man1.6g-1The man page suite used to read most of the documentation for Linux2011-07-29
man-pages3.32-1The Linux manpages collection2011-07-29
mlocate0.24-1Fast merging drop-in replacement for slocate2011-07-29
module-init-tools3.12-1Kernel module utilities2011-07-29
ncurses5.9-1A System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library2011-07-29
net-tools1.60-6Network utilities2011-07-29
openssh5.8p2-2Secure SHell server and client tools2011-07-29
openssl1.0.0d-1Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security tools2011-07-29
patch2.6.1-1GNU patch2011-07-29
pciutils3.1.7-1Library and utilities to access the PCI bus configuration registers2011-07-29
perl5.10.0-3Perl programming language2011-07-29
pkg-config0.25-2A system for managing library compile/link flags2011-07-29
pkg-get0.4.5-2Package management tool for CRUX Linux2011-07-29
pkgutils5.35.1-2A set of utilities to manage software packages2011-07-29
ports1.5-11CRUX ports system tools2011-07-29
procps3.2.8-3The /proc file system utilities2011-07-29
prt-get5.18-3A utility to simplify ports searching/installing2011-07-29
psmisc22.13-1Small utilities that use the /proc filesystem2011-07-29
rc2.26-1BSD-like init-scripts2011-07-29
readline6.2.1-1Lets users edit command lines as they are typed in2011-07-29
rsync3.0.8-1Utility for incremental file transfers over networks2011-07-29
sed4.2.1-1Sed - streams editor2011-07-29
shadow4.1.4.3-1Shadow password file utilities2011-07-29
sudo1.8.1p1-1Sudo (superuser do)2011-07-29
sysfsutils2.1.0-1System Utilities Based on Sysfs2011-07-29
sysklogd1.5-4Kernel and system logging daemons2011-07-29
sysvinit2.88-1The Linux System V Init2011-07-29
tar1.26-1GNU tar2011-07-29
tcp_wrappers7.6-10Monitors and Controls incoming TCP connections2011-07-29
time1.7-1Measures many of the CPU resources that programs use2011-07-29
traceroute2.0.17-1A tool to trace the route of ip packets2011-07-29
udev167-1Userspace device management daemon2011-07-29
unzip6.0-1Decompress utility for zipfiles2011-07-29
util-linux-ng2.19.1-1Miscellaneous system utilities2011-07-29
vim7.3.154-1Highly configurable text editor2011-07-29
wget1.12-1A network utility for downloading content from the Web2011-07-29
which2.20-1Show full path of commands2011-07-29
wireless-tools29-1Tools to configure and manipulate wlan devices2011-07-29
xz5.0.2-1Compression utility using the lzma algorithm, successor of lzma-utils2011-07-29
zip3.0-1Compression and file packaging/archive utility2011-07-29
zlib1.2.5-2A compression/decompression Library2011-07-29

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